At Agile we can help you transform the way you handle and retrieve all your company’s document information. Creating a tailored intelligent capture system with automated electronic filing.

Our systems lets you capture, store, share and transform paper-based and electronic documents from the web, desktop applications, tablets, smartphones and multifunction devices (MFD’s).

Organisations of all sizes can reduce the cost and time associated with handling paper and electronic documents, enhance accuracy and repeatbility of work processes, and increase compliance and security over the life of a document.

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Intelligent Capture

Offering hardware for distributed or centralised scanning. Providing flexible capture and automation into an existing or newly installed back office archive system. Storing indexed records for instant retrieval either locally or remotely. Providing easily duplicated backups for full disaster recovery.

Document Management

Store, manage and share all your business content in a flexible, secure and scalable environment. Managing any content type, including scanned paper (mail, copies, fax), digital files, video, images and email. Content fully indexed and organised for easy retrieval via the web, mobile devices or desktop applications. Integration with MFD’s and mobile devices provide users with an end-to-end solution from the office through to remote workers.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

Instantly share information across your network. Allowing for version management, file locking, digital annotations and project collaboration. Establishing improved communication and knowledge sharing within a controlled environment. Creating document routing and approval processes to speed tasks to fast completion.

Improve Governance and Reduce Risk

Centralised, secure storage helps organisations protect and retain important business information. Full logging and reporting of all systems and content actions. Providing a platform which helps enforce internal policies to comply with todays many regulation set by ISO 900, Sarbanes-Oxley etc. Offering sophisticated search tools to aid content discovery when required.

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