Accurate print analysis provides the detailed knowledge required for the future planning. However gathering and making sense of that data is a task that many companies shy away from. So without the necessary tools, skill set and time this important information remains a mystery.
True Total Cost of Ownership is just a small part of the detail provided by Agile when it completes a customer Print Analysis survey.
Print Analysis Data
  • Discover your true print Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • View the overall power and carton consumption for your existing or revised print fleet
  • See how software deployment can reduce wastage and increase security
  • See your data in the light of your usage requirements, staff needs and its fit for the future
  • See the efficiency improvements from better device distribution & control
  • Review the savings available from reduced consumables costs

Agile offer various levels of Print Analysis which can provide you with everything from a general overview to in-depth knowledge. All our findings are provided in a comprehensive report which will highlight areas of potential improvement in efficiency, productivity and cost saving.
Many businesses that implement our proposals have seen a 30% decrease in costs after only 12 months. Why not call us to discover more or arrange a visit.