Agile provides simple but effective methods for Print Management. Offering the ability to monitor and report on usage. Creating rules and routing systems to automatically redirect work to the most cost efficient device. Remote device management and much, much more.

Managing Print Jobs
to improve results

As printers become more sophisticated with ever more functions, managing print jobs easily and effectively has become increasingly business-critical. Agile provides embedded and application based software with a wide range of tools to facilitate print job control and colour management. Ensuring that finish documents are securely delivered to their creator. Allowing document tracking and the ability to atribute their costs to the correct person, department or client.

User authentication
puts you in control

Designated user access and user accounts help you control who prints what to where, while preventing documents from falling into the wrong hands through unauthorised access to office devices.

systems administration

We provide tools which offer remote management and monitoring of ALL your MFD and print devices. Ensuring that they remain online and that vital consumables are always quickly on hand to keep them in use. Offering the ability to create and monitor user accounts so that visitors or new starter are given the correct levels of print access and facilities.

Mobile Print
ensuring full connectivity

Mobile devices in the workplace are now common place. However offering print access and management of those devices has proved a challenge. At Agile we offer easy solutions so that staff and visitors can quickly connect to your print infrastructure without you losing control over costs and security.

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