Print and Document Management software to ensure that costs are controlled and that information is indexed, stored and retrieved with ease.

Enhance Document Security

Protecting information is key to any data loss prevention policy. Should sensitive information e.g. contracts or staff payroll find its way outside an organisation its reputation and brand image are likely to be damaged and heavy fines could be incurred. Agile provide software that enables users to print confidential documents securely using any connected device.

Prevent Unauthorized Use

Agile software enables administrators to restrict printer access to authorised users only. This prevents any breaches of data and misuse as the device is locked so that print, scan, copy and fax functionalities are unavailable to unauthorised visitors or employees. At the same time administrators will have an overview of user print and copy behavior which facilitates better control.

Improve Office Productivity

Our software can enables employees to print from mobile devices giving greater flexibility in office workflows. As well as facilitating new working processes the print infrastructure provides enhanced support so users can retrieve print results faster and more simply. Print jobs follow the user from device to device so that print jobs can be printed at whichever printer they choose. Print jobs can also be modified on demand before being released, saving valuable time.

Gain Control over Costs

Software to ensure users print only what they need. Print management solutions helps administrators take complete control of printing and copying activities. It can highlight expenditure by users/departments and pinpoint areas where costs can be scaled down.

Reduced Environmental Impact

We can help to reduce environmental impact and support sustainability initiatives by optimising printing procedures and improving internal processes that rely heavily on paper. Our solutions prevents unnecessary paper waste as users can only print what they need.

Driverless Web Printing

Simplify printing with Web Print, a unique feature that allows end users to print wirelessly from laptops and netbooks with no driver installation or server authentication.

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